Unit 6 I’m watching TV.

  Section A

  I.Add –ing to the following words. 寫出下列單詞的現在分詞形式。

  Model: watch watching

  catch________ think ________ drink________

  learn________ clean________ throw________ draw________ read_________ wait_________ tell________ eat________ carry________ worry________ say________ play________

  listen________ visit________ water________ open________ come________ make________ take________ hike________ write________ give________ ride________ have________

  swim________ get________ begin________ shop________ sit________ run________ put_________ stop________

  II.Make sentences after the model. 根據示範造句。

  Model: (示範) I / work What are you doing? I am working.

  1. he / play computer games


  2. the Greens / watch TV


  3. our teacher / read a book


  4. we / play cards


  5. they / do their homework

  _________________________________________________________________ _________

  6. it / sing


  III.Choose the right answers. 選擇填空。

  ( ) 1. A: Is he writing or reading? B: ________.

  A. Yes, he is B. No, he i sn’t C. He’s reading

  ( ) 2. ________ is the boy doing?

  A. W hat’s B. What C. Who

  ( ) 3. The women ________ to the radio.

  A. are listening B. listening C. is listening

  ( ) 4. Is the boy ________ the door?

  A. openning B. opening C. open

  ( ) 5. We must ________ to school at seven thirty.

  A. go B . going C. are going

  ( ) 6. ________ some bread on the table.

  A. There are B. There has C. There is

  ( ) 7. Lily, ________ the window.

  A. don’t close B. doesn’t close C. isn’t closing

  ( ) 8. A: Where are the children playing games? B: ________.

  A: Over there B. At ten thirty

  C. They are playing football

  IV.Fill in the blanks with the right verb form. 用所給動詞的正確形式填空。

  1. My father __________ (water ) the flower now.

  2. Jim can __________ (play) basketball.

  3. It’s half past six now. I __________ (read) Chinese.

  4. Uncle Wang __________ (not watch) TV now. He __________ (mend) a bike.

  5. __________ (put) on your coat, it’s cold outside.

  6. Listen, the girls __________ (sing) in the room.

  7. Her mother __________ (be) at work now.

  8. Can she __________ (draw) the picture well?

  V.Form sentences. 連詞成句。

  Model: is, now, the , he, tree, climbing

  He is climbing the tree now.

  Li Lei, not, having, are, supper, Ling Tao, and


  Mr. Li, the girls, is, carry, the, helping, box


  are, listening, to, the, the, teacher, students, now.


  4. is, not, boy, plane, the, a, model, making

  VI.Complete the sentences according to the Chinese. 根據中文意思完成句子,一格一詞。

  1. I am ________ ________ ________ ________. (在等朋友)

  2. He ________ ________ (馬上來) now.

  3. ________ Tom ________ ________ ________? (在玩電腦遊戲)

  4. Lucy ________ ________ _______. (在拍照)

  5. The man ________ ________ ________ ________ phone. (沒 在打電話)

  Section B

  I.Look at the pictures, then ask and answer after the model. 看圖並根據示範進行問答。

  Model: (示範) A: Is she running? A : What’s she doing?

  B: No, she isn’t. B: She is riding a bike.

  1. A:_______________________________




  2. A:__________________________________

  B:_______________________________ ___



  3. A:_________________________________




  4. A:_______________________________




  5. A:_________________________________




  II.Complete the following dialogu e, using the sentences in the table. 用方框中的句子完成下列對話。

  A: _____________________

  B: I’m doing my homework.

  A: _____________________

  B: She isn’t here.

  A: _____________________

  B: _____________________

  A. Certainly. I’m coming now.

  B. Where is your mother?

  C. What are you doing?

  D. Could you come here, please?

  III.Ask questions about the following passage. 讀短文,提問題。

  It’s four thirty in the afternoon. There are many students on the playground. Jim and his friends are playing basketball. Li Lei and other boys are p laying foo tball. Miss Gao is watching the games. She is looking after the clothes, too. Where are the girls? They are over there. Some are running, others are jumping. The twins are on duty today. They are in the classroom. Lucy is cleaning the window, Lily is sweeping the floor. They are working hard.

  1. ________________________________________________________________________

  It’s four thirty in the afternoon.

  2. ______________________________________________________________________

  They are playing basketball.

  3. ________________________________________________________________________

  Miss Gao is looking after the clothes.

  4. ________________________________________________________________________

  They are in the classroom.

  5. ____ ____________________________________________________________________

  They are working hard.

  IV .Write a short dialogue for each picture. 給每幅圖寫一個小對話。

  1.A:__ ____________________ 2.A:________________________

  B:___________________ B:_________________________

  A:_______________________ A:_______________________

  B:_______________________ B: ________________________

  A: _______________________ A: _______________________

  B:________________________ B:_______________________

  A: _________________________ A:_______________ __________

  B:________ _________________ B: ______________________

  … … … …

  參 考 答 案

  Section A

  I. 略

  II. 略

  III. 1-5 CAABA 6-8 CAA

  IV. 1. is watering 2. play 3. am reading 4. isn’t watching, is mending 5. Put

  6. are listening 7. is 8. draw

  V. 1.Li Lei and Lin Tao are having supper.

  2. Mr. Li is helping the girls carry the box.

  3. The students are listening to the teacher now.

  4. The boy is not making a model plane.

  VI. 1. waiting for my friends 2. is coming 3. Is playing computer games

  4. is taking photos. 5. isn’t talking on the phone

  Section B I. 略


  III. 略

  IV. 略