Unit 4 Don’t eat in class.


  ( )1. ______ turn on (打開)the TV. Your brother is doing his homework.

  A. No B. Not C. Don’t D. Doesn’t

  ( )2. Our teacher often tells us _______ eat in the classroom.

  A. not B. don’t C. never D. not to

  ( )3. Tom plays _______ piano well and I play ______ footb all well.

  A. the; a B. a; the C. the; / D. /; the

  ( )4. It’s raini ng. So we _____ stay at home.

  A. can B. have to C. has to D. are

  ( )5. ______ the tape carefully.

  A. Listen B. Listening to C. Listen to D. Listening

  ( )6. Don’t arrive ______ school.

  A. late B. late for C. lat er for D. late to

  ( )7. There is ______ water in the lake.

  A. too many B. many too C. too much D. much too

  ( )8.—Can you speak English?

  —______. It’s easy.

  A. Yes, I can B. No, I can’t C. Yes, I can’t D. No, I can

  ( )9. Can you ______ some salad ______ here?

  A. bring, / B. take; to C. bring; to D. take; /

  ( )10. Don’t be _____ _, please. The baby is sleeping.

  A. noise B. quiet C. noisy D. dirty


  I’m glad that you can do the things you like at home, 1 I can’t. I have 2 rules in my house. I have to get up 3 six o’clock every morning. Then I make my bed and clean my room. I can’t 4 friends after school because I have to 5 my homework. I can’t 6 TV 7 school nights. And I have to 8 before ten o’clock. On weekends, I have to go to the Children’s Palace 9 to play the pian o. I never have 10 fun!

  ( ) 1. A. but B. and C. so D. because

  ( ) 2. A. too much B. much too C. too many D. many too

  ( ) 3. A. in B. on C. at D. about

  ( ) 4. A. see B. seeing C. too see D. sees

  ( )5. A. does B. doing C. did D. do

  ( )6. A. see B. watch C. look D. look at

  ( )7. A. in B. on C. at D. /

  ( )8. A. be bed B. go bed C. go to bed D. in bed

  ( )9. A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. learned

  ( )10. A. some B. much C. a D. /


  Do you know me? My name is Mary. Do you have any rules in you school? There are many rules in my school. Let me tell you some of them.

  We have to wear uniforms every day. I don’t think this rule is good. We are kids, and we need to be beautiful. W e can’t be late for school. And we can’t eat or sing loudly in the classroom. This rule is OK. We can’t run in the dining hall or the hallways. And we can’t fight. I think these two rules are for boys. For girls, we can’t have long hair. I don’t think this rule is good. I can’t stand it.


  ( )1. In the school, Mary has to wear _______.

  A. a uniform B. a skirt C. shorts D. a sweater

  ( )2. The students can’t _______.

  A. eat B. sing C. run D. be late for school

  ( )3. Which rule is for girls?

  A. We can’t fight.

  B. We can’t run in the hallways or the dining hall.

  C. We can’t have long hair.

  D. We can’t play basketball in or outside the classroom.

  ( )4. Which rule does Mary like?

  A. We have to wear uniforms.

  B. We can’t eat or sing loudly in the classroom.

  C. We can’t have long hair.

  D. We have to go to school on foot.

  ( )5. Which sentence is NOT true?

  A. There are many rules in Mary’s school.

  B. We can’t eat or sing loudly in the classroom.

  C. We can run in the dining h all.

  D. Mary likes long hair.



  1. It is very cold o , so put on more clothes.

  2. There are about fifty students in the (教室).

  3. Students can eat lunch in the dining h at school.

  4. Don’t (打架)with others.

  5. You can r yourself on weekends.


  1. There are some _______ (rule) in my school.

  2. Please do the ________ (dish) after dinner.

  3. She never has _______ (funny).

  4. You should practice (speak) English after class.

  5. Jack and Tom have to wear school (uniform).


  A. Do you have to wear uniform?

  B. But I don’t like the rules.

  C. And we can’t eat in the classroom.

  D. No, we can’t.

  E. Yes. We do.

  A: Hi! How’s your new school?

  B: It’s very good. (1) _________

  A: Oh. What rules? Do you have to be quiet in class?

  B: (2)________

  A: (3)________

  B: No, we don’t, but we can’t wear shorts.

  A: How’s the dinner?

  B: We have to eat in the dining hall. (4) ________

  A: Can you listen to music in the classroom?

  B: (5)________

  六、按要求改寫句子,每空一詞。 1. We can listen to music there.( 改為否定句)

  We ______ _______ to music th ere.

  2. We have to wear a uniform at school.(改為一般疑問句)

  _ ______ you _______ _______ wear a uniform at school?

  3. Jim has to clean his room every weekend.(改為否定句)

  Jim to clean his room every weekend.

  4. They can eat in the restaurant.(對畫線部分提問)

  ________ _________ they eat?

  5. You don’t have to get up so early.(改為同義句)

  You _______ _______ up so early.

  6. You can’t run in my room.(改為祈使句)

  ________ ________ in my r oom!

  7. We can’t have long hair.(改為同義句)

  We must _________ our hair .



  I can’t _______ computer games, ________.

  2. 我們通常在餐廳裏吃飯。

  We usually eat in the ________ ________.

  3. Lily不得不打掃她的臥室。

  Lily ________ _________ _________ her bedroom.

  4. 我爸爸經常幫我媽媽做晚飯。

  My father often helps my mother _________ __________.

  5. 不要上課遲到。 __________ __________ _________ for class.

  6. 他經常和他的表弟打架。

  He often _________ with h is _________.


  你們學校是不是有很多規章製度?請你以The School Rules為標題,介紹一下你們學校的規章製度。60詞左右。


  Unit 4

  一、1—5 CDCBC 6—10 BCAAC

  二、1—5 ACCAD 6—10 BBCBD

  三、1—5 ADCBC

  四、(A) 1. outside 2. classroom 3. hall 4. fight 5. relax

  (B) 1. rules 2. dishes 3. fun 4. speaking 5. uniforms

  五、1—5 BEACD

  六、1. can’t listen 2. Do, have to 3. doesn’t have 4. Where can 5. needn’t get

  6. Don’t run 7. keep, short

  七、1. play, either 2. dining hall 3. has to clean 4. cook dinner 5. Don’t be late

  6. fights, cousin